Flight Simulation Development & Deployment Software

DSix is Windows-based commercial software that facilitates the development and deployment of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft flight models for use in simulation applications.

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Common DSix Applications

Trainer Math Model Development

Host simulator math models and execute real-time or non-real-time simulation sessions and evaluate model fidelity prior to simulator hardware integration. Load flight data for direct comparison with simulation results.

Trainer Hardware Development

With the trainer’s flight model hosted, use DSix as a test platform for displays, control loaders, or key hardware components in your trainer. A low-cost, real-time test bench that will reduce cost & schedule constraints on trainer hardware.

Flight Data Visualization & Analysis

Visualize flights by loading flight data and driving the DSix graphics model. Use plotting and manipulation tools to analyze flight events and prepare your simulation for validation efforts.

Flying Qualities Assessment

Develop and pre-prototype a simulation of a new aircraft configuration using wind tunnel data and/or computational data and then fly the model in real-time. Perform flight test maneuvers to assess the vehicle flying qualities & performance.

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Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

Use DSix to host a flight model and interface with flight hardware like mission computers, flight control computers, or pilot input devices. With full-screen out-the-window graphics, a cost-efficient real-time lab is a reality.

Multi-Vehicle Simulation Scenarios

With several computers running the DSix simulation environment using its network interface module, users may host and run manned or unmanned multi-vehicle simulation scenarios to assess interoperability, collision avoidance algorithms, or multi-vehicle interaction aerodynamic effects.

Key Design Features

Supports development of any aircraft type since no rigid model structure is required.

Provides rapid reconfiguration of aircraft flight model.

Provides real-time operation of complex models on a standard WindowsOS (version 7 and later) PC.

Provides rapid reconfiguration of the simulation environment to incorporate hardware (e.g., joysticks, cockpit, flight hardware, etc.).

Easily transfer flight models between users and limit code exposure for collaborative development.

Provides powerful integration with 3rd party software and hardware (e.g., Matlab, Simulink, Prepar3d, Moog-FCS, National Instruments, etc.).

Easily extensible through off-the-shelf and user-developed plug-in modules.

DSix Core Components

Comprehensive Simulation Environment

Highlights of DSix

Non-linear 6-DOF Equations of Motion

MIL-STD environment model

Modular structure for customization and extension

Project-based design for portability

Real-time and batch operations

Control simulation directly, remotely or via script

Directly integrate Simulink models in run loop

Full-Earth terrain database with Prepar3d

Extensive scripting capabilities

Multi-dimensional table databases

Built-in Support for Industry Tools

Mathworks' Matlab & Simulink

Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d Full-Earth Terrain Database

DiSTI’s GLStudio Virtual Instruments

Examples of DSix UI Elements

Control panel, data editor, simulation parameters, variable list display, plots