An Introduction to NavPath

(videos are visual only and do not require sound)

Ch 1. User Interface

This video walks through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of NavPath. Watch

Ch 2. Reference Data

Discover how to load KML data into NavPath for easily creating flight paths relative to known reference data. Watch

Ch 3. UAS and Sensor

Learn how to select your UAS platform as well as define the overlap required for the selected sensor. Watch

Ch 4. Create Waypoints

Learn how waypoints can be manually defined using point-and-click or auto-generated relative to loaded reference data. Watch

Ch 5. Edit Waypoints

Discover how to easily work with waypoints, including generating duplicate sets of waypoints, move waypoints and edit individual waypoints. Watch

Ch 6. Create Profile

Learn how groups of waypoints can be grouped into “profiles” for naming and ordering the segments of complex flight plans. Watch

Ch 7. Assign Commands

Learn how to assign commands (e.g., takeoff, loiter, etc.) to waypoints based on the selected UAS platform. Watch

Ch 8. Export Preview

Assess the viability of the flight plan and sensor coverage using the “Preview” capability and then export the flight plan file for use with the target UAS. Watch