UAS Services

Consulting | Simulation | Analysis & Design

Bihrle Applied Research Inc supports the growing UAS industry by providing engineering consulting services and tools to assist companies meet their UAS initiatives.

Whether it's guidance in determining the best unmanned system for a particular mission, assisting with airworthiness certifications and Section 333 exemptions, or providing simulation tools for crew training, Bihrle is here to support your needs.

UAS Consulting

Bihrle Applied Research Inc. (BAR) offers a range of services to assist UAS customers in meeting their UAS initiatives. Through BAR’s first-hand experience with UAS development programs and its established relationships with industry, the FAA, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Navy we help customers navigate the complex and evolving federal regulations surrounding the integration and operation of UAS in the National Airspace. BAR will provide insight into the types of concerns and issues that are raised during technical and safety review boards and offer the analytical services necessary to qualify your configuration. BAR has successfully assisted customers in a variety of areas, including airworthiness certification, obtaining Section 333 exemptions and flight test planning and execution.

Modeling & Simulation Software Tools & Services

Leveraging its extensive experience in fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft math model development and advanced simulation software tools developed for the aerospace industry, BAR provides simulation solutions for UAS operator and crew training, flight plan evaluation and flight rehearsal. We work with customers to match the simulator capabilities to your specific training needs, including flight-representative vehicle dynamics, failure and malfunction modeling, environmental modeling, customized visual scenery, helmet mounted display integration, or advanced instructor station displays.

Flight Dynamics & Structural Analyses

An essential part of any UAS development program is the assessment of the vehicle’s ability to meet the mission requirements. BAR provides the expertise to assess the flight characteristics of the UAS over the full operational flight envelope and determine its suitability for the proposed flight task. Whether the outcome of an assessment verifies the viability of the design or produces recommendations for design changes, a flight dynamics assessment is a critical step in assuring the success of your UAS program. BAR also retains the tools and expertise to effectively conduct a structural assessment of the air vehicle. BAR calculates the stresses on the vehicle as a function of air loads provided by the customer or predicted by BAR’s software tools, taking into account the structural design, material properties, and required safety factors.

Full-Scale and Sub-Scale Prototype Fabrication

Drawing upon its pioneering efforts in wind tunnel model construction for dynamic testing, BAR specializes in the construction of high-strength, lightweight airframes for UAS applications. BAR’s model specialists apply their unique skills during the entire fabrication process including CAD drawing review, CNC milling, material lay-ups, internal structure design and fabrication, component integration, and final finishing. These skills have resulted in models recognized by BARs customers as well as models that have won international model building and flying competitions.