Who we are...

Bihrle Applied Research Inc. (BAR) is an aeronautical research & development company specializing in the development of flight-representative software math models for commercial and military fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, including full-envelope modeling and aircraft upset recovery modeling. BAR successfully incorporates such flight models into a wide range of customer applications, including engineering workstations, Full Flight Simulators, UAS crew training simulators, hardware-in-the-loop simulators and multi-vehicle networked simulations.

BAR’s wholly-owned wind tunnel and research facility in Neuburg, Germany offers the unique ability to provide customers with affordable yet state of the art R&D, testing and aerodynamics analysis. BAR’s cadre of industry experts incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to predict aerodynamics analyses including stability and control, performance effects, and wake interactions.

BAR also offers solutions in support of flight simulation: (1) StallBox math model upgrade solution, (2) DSix – real-time flight model development and deployment software, (3) SimGen – aerodynamics prediction software, and (4) CompARE – Quality Test Guide (QTG) software for flight model validation, certification and reporting.

Established:  1973
Founder & CEO:  William Bihrle, Jr.
President:  David Gingras
Headquarters:  Hampton, VA USA
Wind Tunnel Test Facility:  Neuburg A.D. Donau, Germany
Corporate Structure:  S-Corporation
Business Class:  Small Business

Company Address:

Bihrle Applied Research Inc. 
81 Research Drive
Hampton, Virginia 23666