Intelligent Automation of Infrastructure Inspection

Ardenna, created from the innovative minds of its parent company, Bihrle Applied Research Inc., offers software technologies that intelligently automate the detection, classification and reporting of anomalies to provide insightful and actionable data for infrastructure inspections….more quickly, accurately & consistently than human reviewers.

Who is Ardenna?

In 2014, Bihrle’s UAS software development acumen led to a partnership with BNSF Railway and the FAA’s Pathfinder Program to study and develop technologies for drone-based supplemental inspection of railway infrastructure conditions using computer vision technologies.

As the FAA PathFinder Program progressed, it was apparent to Bihrle that there was a significant gap in the overall inspection market for automated processing of the vast amounts of aerial imagery collected during UAS inspection flights. In order to address this gap and focus resources on the development of AI-based technologies and the application of these technologies across a variety of industry verticals in the energy and communications arenas, Ardenna was born.

The Flagship...

Ardenna’s Rail-Inspector™ solution for industrial, short-line and mainline rail applications, automates the identification and analysis of dozens of track components in a consistent and repeatable way to provide comprehensive results that enable track owners to (1) correct anomalies before they become costly problems, (2) conduct capital planning activities, and (3) maintain comparative databases for predictive analytics.

Learn more about Ardenna’s roots and RailVision — the predecessor to Rail-Inspector developed for BNSF Railway and responsible for processing over 3 million images covering 28,000 miles of track….

Electrical Utilities

Electrical Utilities



Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine

Extending our Reach...

Leveraging the success of Rail-Inspector™, Ardenna is bringing its intelligent automation capabilities to other industry sectors.

Advanced computer vision and neural network algorithms allow us to quickly put industry-specific solutions to work and we continuously enhance these industry-tailored capabilities and intelligently improve detection accuracy over time.

Ardenna has demonstrable defect detection capabilities for wind turbine, pipeline right-of-way, cell tower and electric utility inspections and continues its work to develop these capabilities into commercial solutions for the energy and telecommunications sectors.